Mad Rambles

Formed in Sydney in 2016 by guitarist Alex Geary and singer Ellis Mitchell. Mad Rambles soon completed their line up with the addition of Andre Sauzier on bass and Alistair Bennett on drums.  Having released their 1st Ep “Freaky” in 2019 Mad Rambles are making their mark on the Sydney and Australian music scene which is giving them a continuously growing fan base.


They bring a fun throwback sound which ranges from funk rock to more contemporary pop-rock. 

For bookings or enquiries please email or call 0432641509

    "I was looking around and all I saw were the looks of “oh my God his voice is amazing”

                                               The Music Producer 26/08/2018


Vocals amazing, Stage presence was great, even for a small stage!,Songs were really good, had some cool lyrics.Solid rhythm section in complete cohesion with Alex’s excellent guitar Not an ounce of effort left unused by the band"

The Music Producer 26/08/2018

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